Innovative ITAD Solutions

With over 5,000 projects completed, we tackle each project as a new challenge drawing upon lessons learned. Markets fluctuate based upon very significant data, such as both technological and functional obsolescence, as well as real time supply and demand curves (both domestic and global). Our daily market presence creates real time, constant feedback of transitions and industry shifts. With that, we may advise clients to increase disposition rapidity or re-stratify and delay sell launch for maximum yield. There is not one selling methodology that is best of class in every market at any time. We often bundle lower value assets to insure complete sell through, as well as select higher value assets to sell with protected reserves. As a principal purchaser, we make a fair offer but never deny you your option to engage us as a working partner to market all assets, large and small, just for your best return. No engagement, large or small, is ever undertaken without clear and precise guidelines of value agreed upon.

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